Chicago River Walk Tour

I came downtown last week with my camera to take a bunch of pictures of the Chicago River Walk from end to end.

I’ll post them as a series so this site isn’t just one long arse article.

I want to preface that while technically the River walk is on the South side of the Chicago River, I include anything located on both sides as part of the experience. In fact you get a view of the opposite side that sometimes is better than being up close and personal.

I spent about 2 hours meadering from start to finish. I realized along the way that some of my favorite places in downtown Chicago are actually part of the Riverwalk. Ranging from Dick’s Last Resort restaurant to a great “secret” place of mine to relax, gather my thoughts and get away from the noise of the city that is just steps away from the street.

I started with a 4pm lunch at Dick’s Last Resort Chicago. I’m sure everything they make is good but I always get the Catfish! Melt-in-your-mouth is the only way to describe their catfish. If you’ve never been to Dick’s, just a warning, it’s an entertainment restaurant.

They do off the wall stuff as part of the experience so don’t get pissed and get up and leave if the staff throws you for a loop (no pun intended). It’s supposed to be like that and it’s even better watching them mess with “other” patrons.

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Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk area has some great restaurants, bars and closeby shopping on Michigan avenue (the mag mile).

From Dearborn Street under Michigan Avenue and East to Lake Michigan the Chicago River Walk wont disappoint Chicago locals and visitors alike. With Navy Pier as the prize at the end of a great walk the Chicago River Walk is quickly becoming a focal point of the Chicago Loop area. Read the articles on this site to get in-depth information to make your visit a great one!

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